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Treat Your Guests With a Welcome Basket

It is important to make the renter feel at home during the vacation. You want your renter to feel as though you went out of your way to make them happy.

Start with a welcome letter. While this is a simple gesture, travelers appreciate it a great deal. Welcome guests to your property. Tell them to make themselves at home, and suggest things they can do during their stay.

In addition, you can send a welcome basket. You can include many things in the basket. Again, use the information you gathered during the phone conversation so you can select the best basket for your guests.

Your welcome basket can include:

 . A bottle of wine
 . Coupons for local restaurants and attractions
 . Fresh flowers
 . Different types of coffee
 . Snacks

These are just some ideas. You can include anything you want in your welcome package. Be creative and come up with a package that will be perfect for your guests.

It is not mandatory to send a welcome basket or write a welcome letter. However, these things will make your renters feel as if you took the extra step in making them comfortable and happy. That means they will be more likely to leave you a positive guest review, recommend you to friends and stay with you again. Thus, it is worth investing a few dollars and a little bit of time for your renters.

After the renter vacates the home, have the housekeeper come in and do a thorough cleaning. Make sure she does an inventory of the items in the home to ensure nothing is damaged or missing.

If everything is as it should be, return to the security deposit to the renter. However if there are damages or missing items, send a letter to the renter. Remind them of your security deposit agreement and explain that you will have to keep some of the deposit in order to cover the damages.

Include an itemized list of the damages. Then, deduct the deposit and send the remainder to the renter.

If the renter disputes the damage claims, you will need to make a decision. If you have a long relationship with your housekeeper, you will likely trust her report. Thus, you can press forward and collect the damages.

However, if your housekeeper is new, you might not want to press the issue. You might want to cover the damages on your own.

Over time, you and your housekeeper should develop a trusting relationship. However, until that time comes, you need to give the renter the benefit of the doubt.

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