Corporate Apartments Tucson Arizona

corporate apartments Tucson Arizona

corporate apartments Tucson Arizona

You probably have already discussed many of the details regarding Tucson temporary housing with your property manager, but we wanted to give you a bit more information about some of the key elements to your tenancy agreement, what the terms mean and why they matter to you. Below and in the accompanying video, you’ll see some typical landlord/tenant terms and standard operating procedures to get you acquainted with the process. But remember, these are for example purposes only.  You’ll need to discuss specifics about your own property with your property management company.  So let’s get started.

Your property manager acts on behalf of the property owner. Which means, we are your point of contact and will manage all elements of your tenancy for you. If you don’t already have them, we will provide you with the contact details for our office and your property manager. If you have a concerns, problems or just need to check something, we are just at the other end of the phone and always happy to help.

There are two types of tenancies – fixed and periodic. It is important that you understand what both mean and your responsibilities under each tenancy. Most tenancies are Fixed Term. We offer fixed term contracts to ensure that you have security and peace of mind knowing that this will be your home for a certain period of time and in most cases we will offer you an extension. Fixed term leases are generally 6 to 12 months, and you can negotiate this with your property manager. A couple of important things you need to know if you are going to sign a fixed term tenancy.

You cannot give notice to vacate on the property during the fixed term tenancy. The owner is also unable to give you notice to vacate during this fixed term tenancy. At the end of the tenancy, you must give at least  21 days notice if you do intend to vacate on the lease end date. You must give this notice to us in writing. We are going to contact you at least 60 days before the end of your fixed term tenancy and ask if you would like to stay at the property extend your lease or if you prefer to vacate During your fixed term tenancy if you have a change in circumstances, and wish to vacate the property earlier we can assist you in finding new tenants to take over your lease There will be a $250 charge for this and you are responsible for paying the rent until the new tenants can move in.

A Periodic tenancy has a start date but no end date If you are going to sign a Periodic Tenancy you need to know; That you can give us 21 days notice to vacate, in writing, at any time to vacate the property if you wish to vacate the property The owner can give you 90 days notice, at any time and they do not need to specify a reason The owner can also give you 42 days notice if they or a family member wish to move in to the property or if they receive an unconditional offer of sale.

Your tenancy agreement requires that you pay your rent in advance and on time. For example, if you move in on a Saturday, your rent starts then and is due each Saturday thereafter I would suggest you arrange for the money to leave your account at least a day earlier to make sure it reaches us on time. We have a strict zero tolerance rental policy at Wendell Property Management. You need to contact your property manager immediately if you are unable to pay your rent for any reason. We understand that sometimes things happen that you have no control over, loosing your job, a family emergency or sometimes worse. If you contact us and explain the situation we are all in a much better situation to assist you.

If rent is not paid on time and we are unable to work out a payment plan with you, we will take your debt to debt collection and you will be responsible for covering the cost of collection. For example if you owed  $100, we could ask you to pay this plus the cost of collection which is generally 25% of the debt, leaving you with $125 to pay instead of the $100 originally owed.

Before you move in to your new home, your property manager will complete a detailed move in inspection report. We access the current condition of each room, the external building and gardens. You will receive a copy of the report before you move in and have two weeks to return this to us signed with any amendments. During your tenancy please ensure you only use existing picture hooks to hang artwork. You are also responsible for cleaning mould and mildew at your property we ask that you ventilate regularly to prevent build up.

As your property managers, the team at Wendell’s are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies.  In most cases we can assist immediately, for some items we will ask a specialist to speak directly with you. If you have a plumbing emergency and water is leaking inside the property, please turn the water off to minimize the damage to your personal items and the property. If you require maintenance at your property and it is non-urgent, please email your property manager with the details and we will arrange it for you. Please do not undertake any repair work yourself, even if you fancy yourself as a DIY superstar. If you would like to suggest work be done, please discuss this with your property manager before you start. If we arrange a tradesman to meet you at the property and you do not turn up, they can charge you for a call out fee which is generally equivalent to one hour of their time.

The property owner has insurance on the land and building. This does not cover your personal things and we do recommend you speak with your insurance broker about contents insurance. The landlord and Wendell Property cannot be held responsible for any damage to your items while they are in the property. If you have a separate water meter at your property, you will be required to pay for the water you use while you live at the house. Water is charged monthly and you will receive an email with your monthly invoice attached. There are 2 ways you can pay this, either by Direct Debit or by making a weekly contribution towards your water. Your property manager will discuss your water usage and assist you in making the decision about what is the best payment method for you.

If your water bill is high, we will ask you to complete a leak test overnight, this will show us if there is a leak in the pipes which we can then arrange to have repaired by a plumber. To ensure your water bills are as small as possible, please advise us immediately if a toilet cistern is running, or if there are any showers or taps that may be dripping water.

When you wish to vacate the property you will need to give us 21 days written notice. We will require access to your property to show prospective tenants through. Once you have vacated your property removing all your belongings and completing all cleaning, your property manager will complete your move out inspection.  Once finished they will contact you and arrange your bond refund

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