Corporate Housing Offers Benefits Over Hotels

Corporate Housing in Tucson

Corporate Housing in Tucson

For those folks who are coming to Tucson for more than a few days at a time, corporate housing options can be an excellent option to consider. If you plan to be here for a few weeks or even months at a time, then for your own comfort and wellness, we believe it’s almost a necessity, especially when compared to the traditional option of staying in a hotel room.

Corporate housing accommodations can be anything from a condominium, townhouse or apartment, to a full-fledged single family home with all the furnishings, amenities and sometimes even a private pool. These properties are typically privately owned but professionally managed and are often used by members of the military, University or corporate travelers who need to be away from home for prolonged periods of time.

During such extended stays, companies (and individuals), find that having an environment more like home lends itself to more comfortable, and thereby more productive, time away. This is essentially the definition of a win-win situation.

Among the various benefits are the fact that these corporate housing accommodations include a full kitchen and at least the basic kitchen supplies. This means that the “away from home” traveler doesn’t have to eat at expensive and often unhealthy restaurants for 3 meals a day during their stay. This is not only a matter of financial health, but physical health as well.

Another benefit is that if a spouse and/or children or other visitors choose to come for a weekend or even longer, it can be much easier to accommodate them in a “home” rather than a “room”. Again, for extended periods away from home and family, this can be a very attractive benefit for many.

There are a few other noteworthy points about corporate housing that you may not be aware of, and are important for anyone considering this type of housing option. The first is that these furnished rental units aren’t limited to only corporate travelers. Many people like to take advantage of all the benefits mentioned above while on an extended vacation, and more often than not, these properties are available for that as well.

Secondly, there is sometimes the misconception that you must rent these for at least a month or more at a time. We often hear from people who think these are only for 60 to 90 day rentals. The good news is that is far from the truth! In fact, many of these properties can be rented for a week or less at a time.

Finally, one last misconception that we should dispel here and now – many people believe that this type of housing is going to necessarily be far more expensive than choosing to stay in a hotel. The truth is there are many variables that need to be taken into consideration, and at the end of the day, you might be surprised to find corporate rentals can often be the same or even less than the cost of a hotel room, even with all the accompanying benefits.

Today’s travelers of business and pleasure have a lot of options. To make your time away from home as comfortable and productive as possible, it’s time you got in on the somewhat hidden gem of a secret that more and more people these days are taking advantage of. Find out more about privately owned, but professionally managed (and locally managed), corporate housing options for your next trip to Tucson.

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