Extended Stay Tucson

If you’re looking for a great destination for an extended stay, Tucson should be high on your list. It is alive with the artistic spirit of a multicultural crossroad, and blessed with beautiful scenery. Spending time here should be exciting and relaxing. For the weary traveler’s extended stay, Tucson will provide a welcome relief from the daily grind. Finding the perfect short term furnished accommodation is an important part of getting the most out of the city. Guests should focus on several important components that combine to create the perfect accommodation.

Finding the Best Extended Stay Location in Tucson for Your Needs


Extended Stay TucsonThose planning an extended visit in Tucson should expect to have easy access to everything they require. Tucson offers up a bustling downtown area as well as vibrant outlying neighborhoods. Rental accommodations include modern condominiums as well as comfortable two and three bedroom homes.

Temporary housing management companies that offer both types of property will be well suited to finding the perfect accommodations for every client they serve.


An ideal place for an extended vacation or visit, Tucson is home to endless attractions. After a thrilling day of exploring, or even a long day at the office, visitors should retire to a space that reflects the beauty of the city they are enjoying. Renting a unit that is decorated with quality furnishings is essential.

The unit should provide all the high quality amenities needed for comfortable day-to-day living. Furnishings and house wares should also be of a quality that an occupant truly feels at home.


We live in an information age. To truly enjoy your time here in Tucson, guests require access to the forms of entertainment they enjoy at home. Short term, furnished units that provide up-to-date electronics such as flat screen televisions, DVD players and modern stereo equipment serve their clients needs much more efficiently than those whose properties are stuck in an electronic dark age.

Internet access is essential for busy travelers. In this connected age, our commitments don’t leave us when we step out of the office. It is important that rental property companies provide the services that allow their guests to maintain contact with the outside world.


Upon arriving at what is to be their home-away-from-home for the time being, guests should be welcomed by an oasis of comfort and familiarity. Anything less than sparkling is unacceptable. Throughout their stay, guests should enjoy housekeeping services that are trustworthy and thorough. The unit should be kept to these high standards in an unobtrusive fashion, providing the guest with a calming environment during their time here in Tucson, whether it be for business or pleasure.

Focus on locally owned and operated companies to provide your temporary rental

Reliability and Convenience

For any type of extended stay, Tucson provides incredible opportunities for adventure. Attending to the business of renting a fully furnished home or apartment should not be an adventure, however. Streamlined accounting practices allow guests to speed through checking in and out of their rental. Such service should be expected from quality rental companies.

Local establishments are in a unique position to ensure their guests have a pleasant stay. Having a deeper knowledge of the area than their multinational peers, local companies are able to respond more efficiently to their guest’s requirements. Local companies are also more likely to provide their clients with a single point-of-contact throughout their stay, rather than a multitude of service representatives responding from all over the globe.

It is wise to seek out rental companies that are accredited by organizations such as the Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA). Such entities have established a standard which must be met in order to maintain accreditation. Working with an accredited provider gives clients an extra layer of security in the reputability of the company they do business with.

Locating a perfect rental property is the key to a pleasant stay, regardless of how long you plan to be here. Tucson provides a lovely backdrop for any work or travel related activities. An inviting place to relax is a necessary complement to all of this activity. Making sure that a rental company meets the standards listed above will lead travelers to companies that provide the home-away-from-home they are looking for during their extended stay here in Tucson.