Family-Friendly Tucson, Arizona

Tucson vacations are for swimmingTraveling with children guarantees adventure. If you aren’t prepared with some exciting, kid-friendly activities, you may find it an adventure in negotiating your child out of an “I’m bored” state of mind. Luckily, Tucson vacationers will find it easy to identify entertainment that captures the imagination of children and adults alike. The following are some attractions the city offers that are sure to make your family vacation memorable.


Colossal Cave Mountain Park is a wonderful place to explore and simultaneously escape the heat of the desert. Inside the cave, the temperature remains at a steady 70 degrees. Tours take visitors six stories down into the cave then back up amid beautiful natural rock formations. The tour requires the negotiation of several hundred stairs, so strollers are not recommended. If your children aren’t ready for this much walking, the park offers many other attractions, such as a butterfly garden, gemstone sluice, and trail rides.


The Tucson Children’s Museum offers a diverse array of programming for children of all ages. New displays and workshops open every week, complimenting the interactive permanent exhibits. Before you visit, check the museum’s schedule to see the many events that your child can participate in. Allow time to wander throughout the museum as they climb, splash, build, and calculate their way thorough the permanent exhibits.

visit the Desert Museum during your vacation in TucsonARIZONA SONORAN DESERT MUSEUM

Much more than just a museum, this incredible establishment is a zoo, nature park, and research facility all rolled into one. The Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum exhibits live native species in their natural habitat, hoping to inspire its visitors to protect the fragile Sonoran Desert and the critters who call it home. In addition to educating and entertaining, the museum conducts important research into the lives of the animals and plants of the Sonoran Desert. During the heat of summer, the museum offers nighttime programs where visitors can take advantage of pleasant evening temperatures while experiencing the desert’s dark side. A whole new world opens up during these visits, as rarely seen nocturnal species reveal themselves.

While your extended stay lodging in Tucson is incredibly comfortable and inviting, your children will probably tire of it long before you do. Have some fun, family-friendly activities planned so that you can anticipate and prevent the inevitable “boredom bug”. Tucson and its surroundings offer many opportunities for children to learn about the area in an interactive and highly entertaining way. You will probably be surprised when the city awakens the child in you!

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