Finding Your Happy Place in Tucson

Happy Vacations in Tucson ArizonaWhile staying in a comfortable furnished rental, the rest of your extended stay in Tucson will undoubtedly be filled with outdoor recreation, art, incomparable dining, and, for the business travelers among you, work. There are so many must-see attractions that many visitors find themselves perpetually on the move in an attempt to take it all in. Despite your best efforts, even the most leisurely itinerary can become hectic, and you may find yourself stressed and exhausted from life on the road. This article arms you with a few stress-busting activities that Tucson offers in abundance. As you plan your down time, weave a few of these into the mix and your visit should feel like a true vacation, even if it is company sponsored.


The yogis and yoginis among you will be happy to know that your practice need not be put on hold during your time in Tucson. The city offers unlimited opportunities to stretch and pose your way to tranquility in studios catering to every preference. High-end clubs and spas offer one-on-one and group sessions in pristine environments, while community studios provide low-cost classes to a diverse and vibrant clientele. Whether you are hoping to purge traveling toxins with a sweaty session of hot yoga, or experience an hour of zen vinyasa-style, you will have no trouble finding a studio which meets your needs.


Meditation is a practice touted by doctors, professional athletes, and business moguls worldwide. Upon incorporating this extended period of reflection into their daily lives, people report feeling more carefree, focused, and joyful than ever before. Whether you meditate regularly, or are simply interested in learning more about it, Tucson offers several locations for visitors to experience stillness amid the excitement of their travels. Some centers offer workshops, others provide weekly guided sessions, and still others hold full retreats. Many sessions are free of charge or donation-based and are offered on a drop-in basis. Before arrival, do a quick internet search of local meditation centers to familiarize yourself with their protocols.


Massage Vacation In TucsonThe power of touch in stress-reduction is a well documented phenomenon. Massage is particularly effective in reducing many of the aches and pains we associate with traveling and conducting business on the road. In addition to working out the kinks in your musculature, massage has also been shown to lower levels of stress hormone, enhance focus, ease headaches, improve quality of sleep, and boost immunity. A professional masseuse can truly be a traveler’s best friend. Tucson is home to many potential best friends. Book a massage at one of many award-winning luxury spas in the area, or hire a quality massage therapist to perform their magic in the comfort of your extended-stay lodging. You will beat back the ravages of the road and be more present and alert for whatever the day brings.

Tucson does many things well. If you doubt this, simply read a few restaurant reviews or have a peak at any online vacation advisor. It is a town that knows how to treat its visitors. The city will keep you up from dawn to dusk as you hop from one gorgeous venue to the next, but it promises as much relaxation as it does stimulation. You simply need to know where to find it. Now you know where to start looking.


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