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Tucson’s Temporary Housing Experts

There are many different reasons why people search for short term corporate housing solutions or other furnished rental arrangements in Tucson. As Tucson’s #1 locally owned and operated specialist in managing these types of rental properties, we are happy to help you find what you need.




Whether you live in Tucson already or you are only here temporarily, if you need quality temporary housing, (or if you own a home that you would like to make available as a short term rental), at we can help you find what exactly what you need.


We look at common questions such as what to look for in short term rentals, the benefits involved with fully managed furnished homes, condominiums and apartments compared to more traditional hotel stays, as well as showcasing many of the local Tucson properties available through SunTree Corporate Housing.


By taking the time to browse through our site, we believe many of your questions will be answered. However, no matter how complete we make our website, we realize each person’s situation is unique, and therefore it’s quite possible that your specific question has not been fully answered. No problem. Just call us or email us any time and we’ll be glad to answer you directly. Because at the end of the day, what we want is for your temporary housing experience in Tucson to be just as comfortable and relaxing as possible. We know you work hard, so whether you’re here on business, vacation, or any other reason, we’ll work just as hard to make things perfect for you during your stay with us.

Short Term Furnished Rentals vs Hotels


When making looking for housing during your travels, the common reaction is to simply look for a hotel room to book. And while this can be a perfectly fine option for some people some of the time, a growing trend involves renting fully furnished homes, apartments and condominiums rather than simply a hotel room. And there are many reasons why this trend has been growing over the past few years… people simply have a better experience, especially if they are planning an extended stay.


Imagine having all the comforts and benefits of home while traveling, such as your own kitchen and refrigerator so you don’t have to always rely on eating out. Eating at restaurants 3 meals a day is not only taxing on your wallet, it can be pretty rough on your physique as well! For those who like a bit more control over both their budgets and the food they put into their body, having a full sized, fully stocked kitchen can make a huge difference in how you feel. And how you feel has a direct impact on how you perform.


So again, whether you’re here for pleasure and want to go out and hit the links, or you’re here on business and need to be well rested and alert, being able to have your days away more similar to your daily routine at home can make a big difference in your outcome.


Are you traveling with family? A single hotel room can start to feel pretty small pretty fast! Imagine having separate bedrooms, a living room with cable TV, games, and even your own swimming pool! Now we’re talking about quality family time where you won’t be tripping over each other all the time.


Another problem when you’re away from home for a while is that you don’t want to pack too much. But at the same time, if you don’t pack enough, you’re going to run out of clean clothes to wear in a hurry, right?


Keeping your clothes clean and laundered is not a problem when you’re staying in any of our furnished temporary rentals. You’ll have your own washer and dryer available to you, just like at home, and you won’t even have to worry about having quarters to put into the machine!

Cost/Benefit Comparison


We have found that many of our clients are pleasantly surprised at how affordable furnished rental homes are in the short term compared to hotels. We hear it all the time, that people hadn’t considered this alternative to hotels simply because they assumed that it would either be too expensive, or such accommodations were only appropriate for stays of 30 to 60 days or even longer.


The truth is that once they learn from us that stays can be as short as a week or even less, and that they can rent anything from a studio apartment to a 5 bedroom home with private swimming pool, often for a comparable price to that of a hotel stay, they are thrilled! Many of our clients are repeat clients (many times over), simply because they love Tucson and because they say that they could never imagine going back to a hotel when they can get so much more with a furnished rental from us.


One final word of advice for anyone looking for temporary housing in Tucson – there are many (many!) Realtors in the Tucson area who are ready and willing to help you. However, while many will tell you that they can help you with your temporary housing needs, very few of them actually specialize in this area of real estate. Corporate Housing and Short Term Furnished Rentals in Tucson is what we do.


We have many great friends and colleagues in the Tucson Real Estate industry. But when it comes to dealing with temporary housing needs, whether it’s finding a place to stay or managing a property to rent out as a short term rental, there is only one locally owned and operated specialty company for your needs. SunTree Corporate Housing in Tucson (and this website,, are all you need to know for your corporate housing and furnished rental needs in Tucson.

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