Improving Your Short Term Rental Property

Nothing matches the classic good looks and functionality of a ceramic or natural stone tile shower stall in your bath. But the tricky part has always been the installation of the shower pan, a difficult job best left to professionals. Until now. Today we’ll show you an alternative that’s faster and easier to install that gives you great results!

Using a system like this is not only ideal to upgrade your own home, but if you have investment properties like we do (we rent a furnished home for short term rentals in Tucson part of the year), making upgrades such as this can make a big impact on the appeal of your property within the market.  We highly recommend you consider such upgrades to maximize your occupancy.

Traditionally, shower pans have been built-up affairs of tar-paper, mortar, a membrane and more mortar carefully pitched so water will drain properly. Then a curb had to be built in front. A leaking shower pan can cause damage to the structure underneath. That’s all replaced with the one-piece Tile Redi system. The Tile Redi system is leak proof, mold free and can be installed in less than an hour.

First, make sure your framed-in area is large enough for the pan. Also make sure the hole in the subfloor is large enough to accommodate the pan’s drain housing. Sweep the area clean and test fit the shower pan to ensure the drain housing and sides of the pan have sufficient clearance. If there is access to the drain from the floor below, a piece of drain pipe is glued into place, so connection can be made later to the waste water pipe. If there is no access from underneath, then the drain pipe from below must be trimmed and adjusted to fit into the shower pan drain connection.

Next, a mortar bed of at least three-quarters of an inch is laid out to help ensure the pan sets on a level surface and that any voids between the floor and pan are filled. The pan is then set into place, making sure the drain pipe is lined up. Then, the pan is pressed into place. Make sure there is a good seal between the floor and curb in front.

With the pan firmly pressed into place, make sure it’s level. Remove any excess mortar. Before the wall backer board is installed a bead of waterproof silicone sealer is applied. Set the board into place and smooth the sealer. To make this process even easier and more waterproof, use the optional Tile Ready Redi-Flash System. It eliminates the threat of shower water penetrating behind the pan.

Silicone sealant is applied and the backer board installed. Then, set the shower’s drain top to the height of the tile. Half of the included tile setting compound is mixed to set the ceramic tile to the pan. The remainder is used to set tile to the curb and splash walls. The tile setting materials are spread with a notched trowel. The tile is then set into place on the base, walls and curb.

The tile ready shower is now leak proof, giving you peace of mind for a lifetime. Another great addition to your shower is the installation of a wall niche. Redi-Niche is installed between the wall studs and screwed into place. Tile backer board is installed around the Redi-Niche, then the tile setting compound is applied directly to the Redi-Niche and the tile is set into place for a professional-looking job.

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