Tucson is for Art Lovers

Enjoy art during your Tucson vacationTucson is often referred to as a mecca of artistic expression. Visitors and residents alike commonly report that their most vivid and fond memories of the city revolve around its thriving art community and the events it has spawned. If you are an art lover planning an extended stay in Tucson by staying in one of our many furnished rental properties, prepare to have your breath stolen by the rich and diverse tapestry of artistic forms proudly displayed there.

The breadth of the artistic offerings Tucson has to offer is staggering. From the University of Arizona Museum of Art’s 5000 piece collection of mostly European and American fine art works dating back to the Renaissance, to the Center for Creative Photography’s world-class print collections, anyone seeking artistic diversion will not know disappointment in this city. The downtown district is teeming with galleries displaying the creative endeavors of the city’s artistic community, which receives support from more than 215 art groups that have sprung up in this desert art mecca.

If you are more interested in creating the art than admiring it, you will be dazzled by the opportunities for hands-on artistic experiences. Perhaps you will choose to enroll in a one-day course in glass blowing or stained glass at the Sonoran Glass School. If you have more time on your hands, you could reserve studio space at the Bicycle Inter-Community Action Salvage & Sculpture Resource Center, where you will also find the bicycle parts and metal salvage to create your very own sculpture. The extended-stay company you lodge with may be exquisitely stocked with every household item you could possibly imagine, but it’s unlikely it will offer bicycle fenders or the torch needed to free it from the bicycle frame. Luckily, Tucson’s art community has your artistic side covered!

Tucson Museum of ArtAside from the incredible array of paintings, photography and sculpture it houses, Tucson also boasts its own ballet company, professional theater, opera company, and symphony. Art events of every kind appear on schedules across the city year round. Unique festivals such as the RAW artist event provide a platform from which less conventional local artists can present their creations. This event features the best of area hair designers, performance artists, musical performers, and more in a traveling format which graces just twenty-one cities nation-wide.

A uniquely Tucsonan event should not be missed by those who enjoy the thrill of organic, unorthodox, all-inclusive art forms. The All Souls Procession occurs every Fall and is open to all who wish to contribute. It is billed as a creative vehicle for it’s participants to express their sadness and sense of loss. Those who have experienced it often report the magical feeling they experienced and the mesmerizing spirit of the event.

Tucson is a desert gem, set amongst the otherwordly landscape of southern Arizona. It is no wonder that such surroundings have become the cradle of such an inspired artistic community. When planning your stay in Tucson, you will undoubtedly be dazzled by the wealth of entertainment offered by such a relatively small city. Do yourself a favor, and don’t forget to set aside an appropriate amount of time to feed your spirit on the wellspring of artistic expression that awaits you there.


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