Tucson Nightlife

Nightlife during your Tucson vacationIf you are on a short term visit here in Tucson during the time of year when southwestern temperatures soar, you are likely to become very interested in things to do after the sun goes down. Luckily, Tucson doesn’t disappoint when it comes to after-hours entertainment. Spend your days lounging poolside, or exploring the city’s air-conditioned offerings. An awe-inspiring Tucson sunset will be your cue to step out into the warm desert air and put your finger on the pulse of the city’s festive nightlife. Here are a few different scenes you may want to consider.

Tucson’s Latino roots are strong, as is the nightlife it has inspired. You will find yourself transported by this vibrant culture as you move to the rhythm of various salsa and mariachi bands that perform around the city. Marvel at the beauty of a Flamenco performance. Dine on the sumptuous Mexican and southwestern cuisine that Tucson is known for. Whatever you do, don’t forget that Tucson knows how to fiesta.

If your tastes run to the upscale end of the spectrum, you will enjoy the blend of shopping and entertainment available at shopping centers like La Encantada. Set into the foothills of one of Tucson’s five surrounding mountain ranges, these retail oases treat visitors to live music and a diverse array of restaurants and bars set amongst stunning displays of landscape architecture. Luxury retailers stand ready to delight with their stunning wares.

furnished housing near University of ArizonaThe University of Arizona provides a perpetually youthful demographic to the city’s night scape, and it tends to concentrate itself in the hippest areas of town. You will find the college crowd blowing off steam around Fourth Avenue and in the downtown area. This clientele lends a trendy vibe to the eclectic mix of cafes and bars. Universities and vibrant music scenes always seem to go hand-in-hand, and Tucson is no exception to this rule. Enjoy a wide variety of venues promoting local and well-known performers as you take in the downtown scene.

Tucson’s beauty is not diminished by the setting sun. The city comes alive after dark, as will you. The variety of flavors, vibes, and venues begs you to treat yourself to something new and unexpected. From hushed wine bars to thumping techno beats, you will have no trouble leaving the worries of the day behind you as you surrender to the desert night.


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